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At the start of a Yoga class you are often asked to 'Set an intention' for your practice. This could be to become more flexible, to lessen the stress in your daily life, better health, to lose weight, rehabilitation from injury.... the list is endless.                   Whatever your intention for starting Yoga you are starting at the perfect place for you. 

Yoga is an effective, low-impact form of exercise that involves integration of every muscle, organ, and cell of the body, bringing balance to body and mind.

Yoga is a practice that combines stretching, controlled breathing, and relaxation. Yoga helps reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve heart function, and calms body, mind, and spirit.

You don't need to be 'bendy' to start a practice.  In a typical Yoga class you will have people working at all levels and that's the beauty of Yoga.  It can improve our flexibility but its also about creating strength, stability and keeping our bodies healthy.

​​Yoga for everyone

Set your intention....

But Im not 'bendy' enough to do Yoga....

As the name suggests... Its all about 'Wonderful You'.  Get started today with our yoga classes in Southport and discover just how much it can benefit you.